Starting a project

What should I do if I want a monument in my community?

Here is a list of things you will need to build a monument to la Francophonie:

  1. engagement
  2. an executive summary
  3. letters of support (from community members, local organizations and institutions, students, etc.)
  4. a donation form for individuals
  5. a sponsorship form (cash donation) for local organizations and companies
  6. a sponsorship form (in kind donation) for local organizations and companies
  7. a meeting agenda
  8. official letterhead
  9. a project logo
  10. a press release
  11. a Franco-Ontarian flag
  12. educational materials
  13. lyrics and a copy of the song “Mon beau drapeau” and/or “Notre place”
  14. a schedule of events for the unveiling ceremony
  15. standard texts for the commemorative plaques
Guide: Monuments to Ontario’s Francophonie

Take a look at the Guide : Les Monuments de la francophonie de l’Ontario [Guide: Monuments to Ontario’s Francophonie] for information on how to build a monument in your community.

You can also download the following documents: