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© Gilles A. Davidson
Concepteur et dessinateur du Monument de la francophonie / Embrun et la région

Embrun and the region

Monument location:
Embrun, Ontario 

Unveiled: coming soon

The goal of the monument

Embrun’s monument to la Francophonie is dedicated to the francophones who were actively involved in the social, cultural and economic development of Embrun and the surrounding area. It commemorates the people who built Embrun and made it a good place to live. It celebrates the blue-collar and white-collar professionals, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home parents, clergy, religious communities and elderly people who share a language, culture and common history. It also celebrates today’s young people and the leaders of tomorrow.

The monument

The base of the monument is made of grey granite. This solid piece of granite represents teamwork, solidarity, strength and continuity. Black granite panels give an overview of Franco-Ontarian history and the contributions of francophones in Embrun and the surrounding area.

The arches: symbols of courage, work and fertile land

The monument’s two arches represent the plough, which was the main tool used in the region to develop agriculture. The arches are moving upwards towards the goal of a strong and growing community.

The place where two arches cross in the centre of the monument represents the differences within the region: the past and the future, agriculture and urbanization, and sowing and harvesting.

The «V»

The monument has a “V” shape that looks like two open arms welcoming the community. It also represents the cutter bar of a harvester, the success of the first pioneers in the region, fertile land and abundance.

The torch

The torch is the highest point of the monument, and it represents the light that welcomes us, encourages us and shows us the way. It symbolises hope and continuity. It is made from polished green granite and has three tongues of fire representing the spirit of la Francophonie.

The heart of the monument

The centre of the monument showcases Embrun’s artistic community and its active youth. There are five figures moving upwards. Each silhouette has its own identity and symbolism. These stainless steel figures represent our history and the leaders of tomorrow.

The soul of the monument

The Embrun monument, even though it is made of steel and granite, is given life thanks to:

  • the texts that tell visitors about Franco-Ontarian history
  • the volunteers that helped create the monument
  • the organizations that were involved
  • the artists and young people who invested a piece of themselves in the monument
  • the participation of various partners, corporate and individual donors
  • the fact that French is widely spoken in the community
  • the provincial community that continues to build monuments to la Francophonie all across Ontario

The organizing committee for Embrun's monument to la Francophonie is grateful to the donors who provided financial aid for this project.

For more information about the monument, please contact one of the members of the organizing committee: 
Lorraine Dicaire – 613-443-5637 –
Claude Grégoire – 613-443-4814 –
Rachelle Laplante – 613-443-2345 –
Claude Lafrance – 613-443-5224 –
François Bazinet – 613-984-2260 –
Daniel Piere Bourdeau – 613-298-2944 –

Updated: July 5, 2018